How AI and machine learning will impact different sectors in the future?

Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2020

Can you predict the future of AI and machine learning? Although, it can be quite unpredictable to find out the exact scenario of artificial intelligence in the future there are some things which can be assumed pretty easily. There will be lots of positive effects it but this piece of technology can also go wrong for humanity in a few ways. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines which is set by the programmers. The machines can copy the functions of human beings. Here are some sectors in which you will see the change due to AI and machine learning. 

Manufacturing sector

There is always a need to manufacture and that’s why there are so many manufacturing industries in the world. The jobs of people will be lost in a few years due to the introduction of robots in factories and industries to ensure 100% accuracy and safety. The robots will be able to perform several tasks of humans in industries.  


The autonomous cars and vehicles will be the major thing after a few years. Although, it isn’t something that will happen now artificial intelligence will bring this amazing innovation for humans. There will be lesser accidents and the person who can’t drive a car can also enjoy driving. 

Education section

 The textbooks will also see artificial intelligence impact. The students will get the chance to study from the virtual teacher who will provide customized lessons for every child. It is true that human contact is more important but in some cases, it will be beneficial for children. 

Healthcare sectors 

Whether it is about producing medicines or it is about operating the patients. There will be no chances of mistakes when the tasks will be performed by robots in hospitals. This won’t be a dream in the few years but you will see it happening soon. 


It will be easy for the media to get information faster with the help of artificial intelligence. It would be easier to create certain reports and accuracy will be increased. There will be lesser need of people in the field of journalism when the robots will take over the position of humans. Even in the newspaper press, robots will play a major role in the future. 

Customer care 

Even today, there are many people who own drones and the use of drones will keep increasing day by day. The e-commerce companies like 10kb systems sdn bhd will commonly use this technology and the jobs will certainly be lost. The drones will also be used for hi-tech security in different areas. The smartphones will also be able to use the features of assistants and will start booking appointments just like humans. 

So, these are some impacts which you will see in the future due to artificial intelligence. Will it have a good impact or just bad? It’s your choice to decide or we can say, it can only be found out when we will see the real impact of artificial intelligence in our normal lives.