Instagram Likes And Followers App Features Or Continuum For Social Recognition

Instagram Likes And Followers App Features Or Continuum For Social Recognition

Everyone is something on Instagram- models, fashion influencers, fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, writers- you name it you will find it. But are we the person our Instagram profile depicts us as? Do we always carry the picture-perfect look? With the writing angle, correct hair and a person always present to click the perfect picture at the perfect moment? The answer is an explicit no; otherwise “give some candid poses” wouldn’t be a thing.

But it can’t be all bad either. Like all other platforms, Instagram also came as a simple media to let people connect, share, follow as they please. It was upon users to use it just as a social media or bring it to good use and gain from it. Instagram allows people to open digital marketing advertising agency malaysia business accounts as well. Creative minds write, paint, dance, doodle and are positively appreciated by the audience, upon fulfilling certain criteria; Instagram users are paid as well, like having a certain number of followers, likes and views.

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It appears all to be going perfectly fine for everyone till point. Sternly the line is very meagre to realize the difference within oneself. But it is very muddling when thought of. Are people sharing a picture just for the sake of sharing it with known people or to prove their picture to be better from someone? And all this judgement comes down to numbers of followers and likes they have in their account and posts.

Subconscious reasoning: We instantly think that an account with more followers has to be a better account. But what if that particular account has more fandom because of the branding and with almost no calibre, instead an individual business account might have more to offer. This thing affects our personal lives in ways we don’t give a thought about, like

  • “He/She doesn’t like my posts anymore, maybe they don’t want to continue to be friends.” – here we think that the other person not liking your Instagram posts is a sign of fading away friendship but do we try to meet or contact them outside the virtual world?
  • “I must click perfect pictures for Instagram.” – Is it a necessity? What if there was no ‘like button’ feature, would we still put so many efforts for that Instagram picture?
  • “I saw their pictures from the last vacation, we should also go somewhere fancy.”- and if your vacation pictures get fewer likes; the vacation will be a failure, isn’t it? Seems like competition more than a photo-sharing platform, doesn’t it?
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Consciously or subconsciously we all are following the same pattern. Expectations and demand must have been very absurdly desperate for apps to be available where you can have likes and followers for your account.

Topics like this will always have an equivocal conclusion as the use and effects depend on individuals on how they take it. Especially when we make accounts for our pets as well.